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Get ready to discover hidden food gems in your hometown that you didn’t even know were there! Adam Richman is on quest to uncover the most delicious food finds from New York to Hawaii.
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He’s back! From New York to Hawaii Adam Richman is checking out undiscovered eats in your town!

Close up of ribs and 'que wraps at Daddy D'z BBQ in Atlanta.

Adam shows some love to a little dog and speaks with Little Skillet restaurant patrons in San Francisco.

Adam soaks it all in. Feast your eyes on this delicious pot of simmering chicken masala at Shah Jee's in Milwaukee.

Adam is filmed outside of Jitlada in Los Angeles for his new show Man Finds Food.

A Bloody Mary from Casino El Camino in Austin.

Adam talks with guests at Little Skillet in San Francisco.

Adam films outside of YEAH! Burger in Atlanta.

Adam chats with NFL players and brothers Martellus Bennett of the Chicago Bears and Michael Bennett of the Seattle Seahawks at Overlook in NYC.

A succulent steak at A Tavola in Chicago.

Adam shows the camera an up-close and personal perspective of the off-menu "Meat and Potatoes" dish at A Tavola.

Adam talks with locals at Bad Dog Taqueria in Atlanta.

Adam is filmed inside Safe House in Milwaukee.

Close-up of fried gator at Boxing Room in San Francisco.

Adam talks with a local at Cha Cha Chili in Los Angeles.

Close up of an off menu item: lobster sliders at Park On Fremont in Las Vegas.

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