The Dead Files: Demon War Pictures

A horrific battle between good and evil is exposed when Steve and Amy investigate disturbing reports of paranormal activity at a family home in Toledo, OH.
Episode: Demon War
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While outside on her walk in Toledo, OH, Amy says she sees people running from something huge and devastating.

Angie, their client from Toledo, OH, tells Steve about being physically assaulted by multiple entities.

The client's daughter, Maggie, tries to describe the inexplicable things happening to her family, including her 2-year-old son.

Steve listens to his client list the different apparitions she's seen in her home.

Amy can feel the physical pain of one of the entities trapped in her client's house.

At the Toledo Police Museum, retired Homicide Detective Bob Poiry gives Steve some details about a Depression Era counterfeiter that may be helpful to his investigation.

Bob Poiry hands Steve a clue that may be useful for his investigation.

Dave Chow, a local sketch artist, draws the entities Amy saw on her walk.

Steve studies a photo from a turn-of-the-century explosion that happened near his client's property in Toledo, OH.

Local newspaper reporter, Kirk Baird, fills Steve in on a historic tragedy that took place in Toledo, OH.

Partners Angie and Leslie await the results of Steve and Amy's investigation.

Steve prepares to share the results of his investigation with his clients.

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