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Steve and Amy travel to Falconer, NY, to investigate reports of violent paranormal activity at a frightened family's home.
Episode: Deranged
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Investigating in Falconer, NY

Steve sits down with Sheila to hear her reasons for calling the Dead Files team to come investigate her family’s home in Falconer, NY.

Initial Walkthrough

While on her initial walk-through of the son’s bedroom, Amy senses an entity that likes to jump people from behind.

Past History

Steve hits the local library in Falconer, NY, to get a better sense of the issues that have plagued his client’s home in the past.

Drugs and Anger

Before Amy even makes it into the house, she sees a shadow figure in pain and senses lots of anger and drug use.

The Client's Son

Steve talks with his client’s son about the strange experiences he's had in his family's home.

A Local Historian

A local historian explains to Steve the tragic past of his client’s property, including a harrowing story of heartbreak, insanity and death.

Getting Ready

Amy prepares to share her findings with Sheila and her husband.

What Do We Do?

George and Sheila brace themselves for Amy’s findings and her advice on moving forward.

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