The Dead Files: Feeding Grounds Pictures

While investigating terrifying claims of paranormal activity at a family-owned bed and breakfast in Sumpter, OR, Steve uncovers facts of a chilling murder, while Amy confronts an enraged entity.
Episode: Feeding Grounds
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The family-owned Sumpter Bed and Breakfast in Oregon is where Amy and Steve are headed to investigate terrifying reports of hostile paranormal activity.

Amy and Steve listen to their clients share some of the paranormal accounts they've heard from their bed and breakfast guests.

Local mining historian Ken Anderson shares some tragic town history with Steve.

Before Amy begins her initial walkthrough of the Sumpter Bed and Breakfast in Oregon, Matt Anderson looks for any leading information in the location that might influence Amy's findings.

The Dead Files crew members set up an interview shoot for Steve.

Local historian Toni Thompson gives Steve dramatic details about the history of his client's bed and breakfast.

After interviewing Toni, Steve prepares to dive into local archives to do research on the Sumpter Bed and Breakfast.

Amy sees a powerful entity in this guest room at the Sumpter Bed and Breakfast as Matt records her walk.

A local police chief named Wyn Lohner shares some tragic history associated with the Sumpter Bed and Breakfast.

A local artist sketches the most prominent entities from Amy's walk.

During the reveal, the clients learn what they need to do to protect themselves and their family.

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