From Beyond Pictures

Steve and Amy investigate claims of dangerous paranormal activity at a suburban Georgia home built on a blood-soaked Civil War battleground.
Episode: From Beyond
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Family Home in Macon, GA

While Matt captures everything on his camcorder, Amy tries to make sense of all the activity she's picking up at her client's family home in Macon, GA.

What Happened Here?

Steve listens to his client share details regarding some of the horrific experiences she's had in her family’s Georgia home.

Client's Bedroom

Amy encounters otherworldly entities while walking through one of her client’s bedrooms.

At the Local Library

Steve scours over documents that may help his investigation at the local library in Macon, GA.

Talking to the Client's Husband

Steve listens intently as his client’s husband recalls some of the paranormal activity affecting his home.

Meeting With the Genealogist

Cecil Ethridge, a local genealogist, prepares to show Steve a document pertaining to the original property owner.

Working With the Sketch Artist

Amy works with a local sketch artist to bring the details of her walk to life.

Preparing for the Reveal

The family prepares to hear the harrowing details of Steve and Amy’s investigations.

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