Perfect Storm Pictures

Steve and Amy investigate a poltergeist at a frightened family's home in Delaware, OH.
Episode: Perfect Storm
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Investigating in Delaware, OH

Amy begins her walk at her clients’ Delaware, OH, home, with Matt Anderson and a camera operator following her every move.

Meeting With a Local Historian

Steve meets with a local historian at the town library to discuss the original owners of his clients’ home.

Setting Up the Next Shot

Members of the Dead Files production team discuss their next move as they prepare to set up for one of Steve's interviews.

Meeting With a Local Priest

Steve meets with a local priest to discuss the details of a mysterious homicide that involved a common religious practice.

The Client

The client describes to Steve the extent of the paranormal activity that plagues her home.

Meeting With a Police Captain

Police Capt. Adam Moore shows Steve photographs pertaining to a homicide that could help his investigation.

Sitting With the Sketch Artist

Amy sits with a local sketch artist to describe the entities she saw on her walk.

The Reveal

The clients try to make sense of all the information revealed by Steve's and Amy's separate investigations.

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