The Dead Files: Satan's Revenge Pictures

Steve and Amy travel to Leslie, MI, to investigate reports of extreme paranormal activity at a desperate family's home.
Episode: Satan's Revenge
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During her initial walkthrough of a family home in Leslie, MI, Amy Allan comes across a concerning number of dead people roaming the property.

Steve learns some disturbing history about the property he's investigating in Leslie, MI.

Steve desperately wants to help his client get some answers as he looks over a photo of her family.

Steve interviews local genealogist Bethany Waterbury about the previous owners of his client’s property.

Bethany shows Steve an old map of his client's property.

Amy and Matt walk the outside of their client's property in the dead of winter.

Local artist David Chow attempts to draw the entities Amy describes to him.

Steve’s client, Michelle, says she's been physically attacked in the living room of her home.

The client's husband, Daniel, details the strange activity he's witnessed in his house.

Steve prepares for his interview with local psychologist, Dr. Tonia Sivyer.

Dr. Tonia Sivyer gives Steve some information about different mental illnesses and disorders.

Amy learns about her client’s tragic experiences during the reveal.

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