The Dead Files: The Dark One Pictures

Steve and Amy investigate disturbing reports of vicious paranormal activity at an Air Force veteran's home in Abilene, TX.
Episode: The Dark One
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Before Amy begins her initial walkthrough of her client's property in Abilene, TX, Matt has to remove any leading information from the walls of the home.

Steve tries to wrap his head around all the strange activity his client has experienced inside his home.

Amy tells Matt that the people living in her client's house have told her they’ve seen a creature hanging from the ceiling several times.

A descendent of an Abilene, TX, landowner shares an obituary with Steve that has relation to his client's issues.

The client's daughter shares her fears of living in her family's house with Steve.

Steve asks Sgt. Lynn Beard about some cases that are connected to his client's property that he investigated back in the day.

Sgt. Lynn Beard gives insight into some of the cases Steve is investigating.

A local sketch artist listens to Amy describe the most influential entities she met on her walk.

Amy looks on as the local sketch artist attempts to draw a prominent entity she met on her walk.

The clients get ready to learn what they need to do to make their home safe.

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