The Dead Files: A Banshee's Cry Pictures

Steve and Amy investigate reports of violent paranormal activity at Smalley’s Inn & Restaurant in upstate New York.
Episode: A Banshee's Cry
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Amy stops to give the camera details about what she is experiencing.

Steve meets with Linda, a local historian, to learn more about the man who opened the inn in 1852, James Smalley.

The sketch artist works on creating a drawing that matches the image in Amy's head.

Historian Linda Zimmerman speaks with Steve about the personal history of James Smalley.

Steve talks to a contractor in the basement of Smalley's Inn about why he walked off the job.

Steve has a discussion at the bar of Smalley's Inn with one of the owners, Tony Sr.

Steve discusses the George Denny case with a local author. In 1844, Denny was publicly hanged for the murder of an 80-year-old man.

Steve meets with a county legislator to learn more about James Smalley.

Steve talks to the waitress about the experiences that she had at the inn.

Amy walks through the dining room while Matt captures the experience on tape.

Steve and Anthony discuss the situation at Smalley's Inn.

Amy listens to a question from the sketch artist.

A bird's-eye view of Steve and Amy during the review.

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