The Dead Files: Betrayed Pictures

Steve and Amy discover evidence of monstrous entities attempting to harm the living at a family home in Egg Harbor, NJ.
Episode: Betrayed
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Steve studies old maps in an attempt to uncover information about the unexplained mysteries in his clients' Egg Harbor, NJ, home.

The sun sets in Egg Harbor, NJ.

Jessee, the homeowner, is worried about the safety of her 3 young children.

Local historian, Dr. Walton, tells Steve about the deaths that occurred in the house he is investigating.

Amy sits with the sketch artist as she describes the entities that she encountered during her walk through the house.

The sketch artist draws an older man's face as Amy describes his features.

Jessee's mother, Lori, hasn't seen anything at her daughter's house, but she frequently gets the chills and senses that something is wrong.

Steve and Jessee's husband, Fred, talk on the front porch, where Fred had an experience coming home with his kids one day.

Steve interviews Fred in the family's basement, where the activity has been the strongest.

Fred takes Steve down to the basement, where he is visibly shaken from something he saw down there.

Steve tells Linda, former owner of the house, about the strange experiences the residents have had, in hopes of learning more about the property.

Linda shows Steve a picture that brings back a sad experience from her childhood.

Jessee and Fred find out what Steve uncovered while researching their property.

Amy and Steve speak to the clients during the reveal.

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