The Dead Files: Bloodlust Pictures

During the investigation of the Occidental Hotel in Wyoming, Amy encounters numerous frightening spirits while Steve reveals the property was once the site of a bloody battle and a ruthless murder.
Episode: Bloodlust
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Dawn, the owner of the Occidental hotel in Buffalo, WY, says her guests have been experiencing a lot of activity at the hotel, so Amy ventures inside to see what she can find.

Matt records Amy's interactions with the dead as she explores the client's property.

Steve interviews Keshia, a former Occidental Hotel employee who's had numerous strange experiences while working.

Keshia tells Steve about all the horrible experiences she had while working at the Occidental.

Amy confronts the restless entities that have been frightening away guests of the Occidental Hotel.

Justin, the man in charge of the security system at the hotel, became so frightened after an experience that he’s afraid of going back to work.

Steve digs through old records at the library to see if there's any connection between the strange activity and the history of the land.

Former employee Alissa has had numerous frightening experiences in the hotel, so Steve sits down with her to hear what caused her to quit her job.

Steve meets with a Johnson County Sheriff to see if he has any leads for his investigation of the hotel's property.

Steve meets with a local historian, Sylvia, to learn more about the history of the property.

Now that their investigations are complete, Steve and Amy are ready to reveal their findings to Dave and Dawn.

After hearing the results of the investigations, Dawn gets ready to cleanse the hotel with Amy.

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