The Dead Files: Fan Favorites

We asked, you answered! From spine-tingling history to mind-blowing revelations, here are the episodes fans have deemed the creepiest of all time.

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The Case: Surrounded – Cedar Park, Texas

Annie says she’s experienced plenty of spooky activity on her property over the years, from seeing apparitions of Native Americans to spotting mysterious hooded figures that disappear as quickly as they appeared. She’s lived in the home for more than 10 years and feels compelled to stay even though she has health problems that she believes have been made worst by whatever entities seem to be plaguing her home.

Joel, a friend of Annie’s who also lives with her part-time, is no stranger to the bizarre occurrences either—especially outside of the house. 

Memorable Moment

Joel has been seeing what he describes as paper cutouts in the shape of people, swinging in the trees. Amy confirms his sightings after her walk, saying they jump from tree to tree and have been plotting something sinister. But what are they? Steve suggests the “paper people” could be Ku Klux Klan members, as the KKK were active in that area in the early 1900s. These “paper people” are not a fan of Annie’s—and Amy says they’re ready to burn down her house to prove it. 

The Case: Terror in the Shadows – Acampo, California

Lorraine lives alone in a farmhouse in the small town of Acampo, California. Her children experienced a number of disturbing incidents growing up, but Lorraine herself is not especially bothered by whatever seems to be stalking her halls. Mysterious, cold shadows are a frequent sight in the home, and Lorraine’s youngest son, Joe, had plenty of stories to share about his strange late night encounters with these shadowy beings in his bedroom. It got so bad that as a preteen, he moved down to the living room so he could finally get some shut-eye.  

Memorable Moment

Amy opens up about her experience with shadow people, as they seem to be a BIG problem in this house. Amy says that when she was only 4 years old, she had her first run-in with shadow people and it almost cost her her life. After befriending the shadow people, Amy says, they told her to bite down on an electrical cord in her bedroom, which she did.

Needless to say, Amy’s encounter with the shadow people who haunt this house has her ready to head out the front door. 

The Case: Death Sentence – Santa Fe, New Mexico

Sandi recently took part in a movie that was filming at the New Mexico State Penitentiary. Although it’s now closed, there’s still a good amount of activity within its walls. While on-location at the prison, Sandi says she had several encounters with unknown entities, which frightened her. And she ended up taking home a hat that she found in one of the cell blocks—something she would later regret. Ever since Sandi visited the prison, she says, her health has been effected significantly; she’s even developed ulcers. 

Memorable moment

Amy is physically bothered almost immediately upon entering New Mexico State Penitentiary. The dark history of the prison, including an extremely violent riot back in 1980, contributed to the intense amount of activity in the building. At one point during the walk, Amy can barely speak; it feels like blood is filling her mouth. Seemingly shaken up by the experience, Amy encourages Steve to let her do a walk-through of Sandi’s home as some of the terrifying figures might have followed her home. 

The Case: The Ax Murder House – Villisca, Iowa

In June of 1912, the Moore family, along with two young guests, were violently murdered in the small town of Villisca, Iowa. To this day, the case remains unsolved.

John, a tour guide, lives in the house next door that was once owned by Mary Peckham, the woman who discovered the bodies of the Moore family and their guests. John has experienced activity in the historic home—and he’s worried he brought some of the activity home with him.

Memorable Moment

Over the years, there were four key suspects in the investigation, including Reverend Kelly, a preacher who was in town around the time of the murder. While he was brought to trial twice, according to historian Roy Marshall, he was never convicted of the crime.

During Amy’s walk, she feels strongly that more than one person committed this crime. But what is the truth? We may never know. 

The Case: Afflicted – Covington, Louisiana

North of New Orleans, in a town called Covington, a woman named Rhonda lives with her 3 children in the house she built with her ex-husband, Scott. Over the years, the entire family has experienced various forms of activity: hearing footsteps, seeing shadows and even being physically harmed. Rhonda’s health has also been declining; she experiences pain in her legs and feet, sometimes to a debilitating degree.

Memorable Moment

Scott reveals his past with drug addiction to Amy, which she says contributes to a certain evil entity that has been interacting with Rhonda and Scott’s children. (A terrifying thing for any parent to hear.) Amy cautions Rhonda, who takes medication for her leg pain, that this devil-like creature might target her and she should be wary of taking any pills.

The Case: The Whispering – Concrete, Washington

Melissa is visibly shaken when she first reveals the reason why she’s requested Steve and Amy’s help investigating her home in Concrete, Washington. She says she’s “living in a nightmare” in the home that she and her family built back in 2006. From hearing mysterious sounds to seeing strange, shadowy figures, Melissa says she fears for her life.

Memorable Moment

At the reveal, Amy tells Melissa she feels death around her, confirming Melissa’s worst fears that she’s actually dying in the home. The news hits Melissa hard, and she says she’s tired of whatever’s in the home. Amy tells Melissa and her husband, Brandon, they should leave the home—as soon as possible. 

The Case: The Predator – Gates, North Carolina

A woman named Debra calls on Steve and Amy to investigate her home because desperate for answers. She lives in the house with her husband and 17-year-old daughter, Nikki. Debra says they’ve all experienced the activity in the home—voices, shadow people, etc.—but Nikki has become the victim of violence at the hands of whatever entities have a hold on the house. 

Memorable Moment

Steve hears screaming and crying from Debra’s bedroom, and witnesses firsthand the kind of violence Debra has been telling him about. Nikki has visible marks on her skin and says she’s just been attacked by the evil entity that’s been causing the entire family heartache for some time now. It’s a moment Steve and fans will never forget. 

The Case: Toys for the Dead – Butte, Montana

Ginny enlists Steve and Amy for an investigation into the Duma Brothel in Butte, Montana, which is now owned by her friend, Michael. She’s concerned about Michael’s obsessive behavior concerning the property, and he openly admits to feeling a bizarre pull to the building. 

Memorable Moment

Steve reveals the photo of the original owner, Joseph Nadeau, who Amy says she saw earlier on her walk. Amy points out that he looks quite a bit like Michael—and suggests Michael is, in fact, Joseph Nadeau reincarnated. Between his appearance and sense of duty to the former’s pretty shocking.

The Case: From Beyond – Macon, Georgia

The activity at Jeff’s family home in Macon, Georgia has prompted him to call on Steve and Amy for help. While the entire family has experienced some activity, it seems to be impacting Jeff’s daughter, Jessica, the most. She’s been touched, has had her hair grabbed and experiences frequent nightmares.

Memorable Moment

Amy suggests during the reveal that she’s seen something so out-of-the-ordinary, that it might actually be something otherworldly. According to Amy, it’s not dead people the family has to worry about. It’s aliens. Amy says there’s a “strong possibility” Jessica and her brother, Hunter, are being abducted by aliens. (Whoa.)

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