The Dead Files: Forgotten Pictures

Steve and Amy investigate reports of horrifying paranormal encounters at a home in Bloomington, IL.
Episode: Forgotten
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Amy walks through the home observing and attempting to communicate with the dead who disturb the living at this family home in Bloomington, IL.

Steve reads up on the history of the property by studying an old map of McLean County.

Diane's disabled son, Zack, has been the victim of many of the bizarre occurrences that drove Diane to contact The Dead Files.

Diane's son, Zack, details what makes him so scared of his own home.

There have been multiple experiences reported in the house’s bedrooms, so Amy is careful to monitor for any strange activity.

Bill recounts the history of the property to Steve, in order to give him a better understanding of the client's land.

Bill provides new details that may bring Steve closer to understanding the history of Diane's property.

After examining the bedroom, Amy attempts to communicate with the dead in order to learn why they are there.

Diane and Steve look down into the basement, where Diane claims many strange experiences have occurred.

Diane takes Steve to the basement and tells him about all frightening things that have happened to her.

Mark hears a portion of history from Steve's research that seems to make some sense.

Diane learns more about her town's dark history from Steve during the reveal.

Steve and Amy listen to the client explain what’s preventing her from simply moving away.

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