The Dead Files: Ghosts of Deadwood Pictures

During their separate investigations, Steve uncovers the truth behind a murder, and Amy confronts a furious entity while searching the Fairmont Hotel and Casino in Deadwood, SD.
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Steve listens to Ron describe the paranormal activity that has occurred since he started remodeling the Fairmont Hotel and Casino in Deadwood, SD.

To make himself feel more comfortable, Ron always calls out, "Coming in!" whenever he enters an area upstairs.

Richard tells Steve about some of the different apparitions he's seen over the years working at the Fairmont Hotel.

While on the streets of Deadwood, Amy feels like she is staggering and has a lot of anger and pain in her chest.

Local historian, Jerry Bryant, paints a picture of Deadwood in the late 1800s when the ratio of men to women was 50 to 1.

Steve takes a look at pictures of Johnny Gorham, a disgraced cop who was shot dead in the streets of Deadwood in 1949.

Amy sees a sad woman who is extremely disturbed by bugs.

James Van Nuys, local sketch artist, draws Amy's visions from her walk.

Steve researches the archives of the local library to find out more about the famous -- and infamous -- deaths in Deadwood.

Kevin Kuchenbecker, a local historian, explains that Jack McCall was buried with a noose still around his neck.

Amy and Steve sit together during the reveal and share what each of them discovered about their client's property.

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