The Dead Files: Invaded Pictures

A disturbed entity overwhelms Amy as she and Steve investigate violent paranormal activity at a family owned restaurant in Waxahachie, TX.
Episode: Invaded
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David, Steve and Amy's client, thought the haunted restaurant would be a great gimmick until he had his own paranormal experiences there.

In a rare occurrence, Amy lets a dead woman jump her while Matt records the results.

Steve listens to Shawn describe the many experiences the Catfish Plantation’s guests have experienced.

Amy meets a lady and her son when she first steps into the Catfish Plantation.

Shawn describes the mysterious scratches she's received on her arm while at the Catfish Plantation.

Amelia tells Steve about her many strange experiences at the Catfish Plantation.

While in the local library, Steve takes notes on the previous owners of his clients’ property.

Sheriff Brown shows Steve death certificates and photos as he recounts the bloody past of Waxahachie, TX.

A local sketch artist interprets the entities that stood out to Amy on her walk through the Catfish Plantation.

Amy's shocked to learn about all the murders that happened in the vicinity of her clients' restaurant.

Shawn and David patiently await Amy's verdict about their family restaurant.

Amy and Steve sit across from Shawn and David to reveal the results from their separate investigations.

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