The Dead Files: Never Alone Pictures

While Steve uncovers 2 deadly fires that devastated an entire town, Amy tries to fight off a vicious entity at a family home in Forester, MI.
Episode: Never Alone
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Steve learns about the hard times and young deaths that plagued the small town of Forester, MI, in the past.

Matt films Amy reaching the second floor of the house where one of the rooms has a spike in activity.

Chrystal's daughter, Brittany, tells Steve that she can’t sleep in her room until something changes.

Steve interviews a local author about the mystery of Minnie Quay.

Steve meets with a local historian, T.J. Gaffney, outside the lighthouse at the Port Huron Museum.

Steve interviews genealogist Shirley Schmidt about the tragic life of one of the property’s previous owners.

Amy tries to explain to Matt what she is experiencing inside the house.

Steve learns more about the legend that has haunted the Michigan town for decades.

Chrystal hopes that Steve and Amy can help save her mother's dream of opening a bed and breakfast here at her family's home.

Steve visits the local library in an attempt to investigate previous owners of the client's house.

Brittany describes her experiences to Amy and Steve before the final reveal.

Amy and Steve hear what the clients have to say after they find out the truth about their house.

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