The Dead Files: Possessed Pictures

Steve uncovers evidence that his clients' Michigan property was plagued with death and despair, while Amy encounters several dangerous entities, including a girl that Amy believes can control people.
Episode: Possessed
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Amy confronts numerous threatening entities inside the clients' home in Watervliet, MI, where frightening paranormal activity has transformed a family's dream home into a nightmare.

Exterior shot of client Amanda’s home.

The walk of the client's property is a vital part of Amy's investigation.

Roland, the local funeral director, informs Steve of the lives -- and deaths -- of the former property's owners.

Amanda recalls a frightening experience she had with an entity while in the kitchen.

Amanda's boyfriend, Mike, admits he's extremely concerned for his children's safety.

Mike and Steve discuss the activity his children have experienced in the home.

Steve uncovers records on the former property owners at the local library.

With worn books laid out at the library as proof, this property's history clearly goes back several centuries.

Town historian, Daryl, informs Steve of a former property owner whose life was marked with severe tragedy.

Steve learns of the devastating life of a man who used to live on Amanda's property.

In the dark of night, Amy and Matt go through the house to see what they uncover.

Whether her results are bad or good, Amy gives her clients a stern, honest explanation of what's happening on the property.

Amy and Steve meet with the clients to discuss the results of their investigations.

Mike and Amanda have both dealt with a lot on this property, so it's crucial they listen to Amy's advice if they are to rid their home of the entities.

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