The Dead Files: The Aftermath Pictures

Steve meets with a local police chief who divulges details about a vicious police shootout, while Amy encounters several terrifying entities on her walk through her client's Florida City, FL, home.
Episode: The Aftermath
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Steve is determined to help his clients after learning about the physical attacks they've experienced inside their Florida City, FL, home.

A local professor gives Steve some history about the Tatum Family, the former landowners of his clients' property.

Amy encounters how the living and the dead interact on her initial walk through the property.

Matt Anderson accompanies Amy on her initial home walkthrough.

Steve reviews a picture of the mayhem that resulted from 1992’s Hurricane Andrew, which devastated the area he's investigating.

Amy tries to remember all the entities she encountered on her walk in Florida.

A local sketch artist begins drawing Amy's description of the entities that are occupying her client's home.

Travas describes the unusual activity he's witnessed inside his child's bedroom.

While combing the archives at a local library in Florida City, FL, Steve finds some leads for his case.

Steve talks to his clients' daughter to see if she still feels safe living in her house.

Steve sits with his clients' son, Travas, to learn more about his experiences with the paranormal in his family's house.

The clients anxiously wait for the results of Steve and Amy's investigation.

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