The Dead Files: The Ax Murder House Pictures

Steve and Amy investigate startling new claims of paranormal activity at an infamous murder site in Villisca, IA.
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Amy sees a man in the bushes while standing outside of the Ax Murder House in Villisca, IA.

Matt records as Amy does her initial walkthrough.

Kristy, the Ax Murder House tour guide, is on edge in the upstairs bedroom where she has felt the most activity.

Steve listens to Kristy explain her many experiences in the Vilisca Ax Murder House.

Amy remembers her walk and describes what she saw to the local sketch artist.

The sketch artist draws as Amy describes the dead people she saw at the Vilisca Ax Murder House.

Steve does some research on the famous Vilisca Ax Murders at the Iowa State Capitol Law Library.

On display is a photo of the Moore family during happier times before their brutal slaying on June 10, 1912.

Amy and Steve sit outside of the Ax Murder House with John and Kristy during the reveal.

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