The Dead Files: The Beast Pictures

Steve and Amy investigate reports of terrifying paranormal activity at a family home in Browns Summit, NC.
Episode: The Beast
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Steve stands inside the transportation museum in Browns Summit, where Steve and Amy are investigating reports of vicious entities living in and around a family home in North Carolina.

The transportation museum is home to a wealth of information that leads back to the history of homeowner Sheila's property.

The local transportation specialist, Walter, provides Steve with new details about the client's land.

In the dark night, Amy shares her visions of 4 angry entities in the woods outside of Sheila's home.

All of the unexplained activity in her home has led Sheila to believe something unusual may be living on her property.

Steve learns more about Sheila's experiences before he starts his investigation.

Sheila's husband, Jimmy, talks with Steve in front of their home, which has been in Jimmy's family for generations.

Sheila's children’s health has been declining for years, and Sheila believes something in the home could be causing it.

Amy sits down with the sketch artist to describe what she saw during her walk.

Steve learns more about Sheila's property in the local library.

Jim, a local journalist, talks to Steve about the history of the client's property.

Phil Rudd, a descendent of the original land owner, explains that the Rudd Farm was home to numerous tragic events.

Steve and Amy discuss what needs to be done to the house after their investigations.

Jimmy is very concerned for his family's safety. In addition to following Amy’s advice, Sheila and Jimmy have been working with a minister since her visit.

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