The Dead Files: Tortured Souls Pictures

Steve and Amy investigate claims of terrifying paranormal activity at a minister's home in Manchester, CT.
Episode: Tortured Souls
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Amy makes her harrowing walk through a minister's home in Manchester, CT.

Amy and Matt look through the living room of their client's home.

Steve takes some notes about the history of his client's home.

Matt shoots Amy's interactions with the entities occupying the house.

Homeowner Tom talks to Steve about the bad feelings he gets when he is in certain parts of his house.

Steve talks to Tom in the kitchen of his Connecticut home.

Tom's wife Joanna tells Steve what she's been experiencing in the house.

Steve and local historian, Dennis Gleeson, sit in a church pew discussing Thomas Coleman, the previous owner of the minister's property.

Steve interviews John Maston, a retired police sergeant, about the home's original owners.

Amy and Steve show their concern during the reveal.

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