The Layover: Chicago Pictures

With only 43 hours in the Windy City, Tony plans to use every second of it anywhere but in O'Hare Airport. Instead he cruises the city, sampling Chicago’s hot dogs and Italian beef.
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Tony heads to The Doughnut Vault for a coffee and gourmet doughnut.

Tony waits on the L train.

"Looking forward to my Italian Beef sandwich at Johnnie's Beef." - Anthony Bourdain

The iconic Bean in Chicago’s Millennium Park.

Tony has exactly 43 hours to explore the Windy City, which he calls "the only other true American metropolis.”

Tony grabs a drink at the Old Town Ale House with owner/blogger Bruce Cameron Elliott.

Fat Rice at Urban Belly is chef Bill Kim’s Pan-Asian restaurant known for its delicious dumplings, rice, noodles and sides.

"Trepanning kit: used to drill a hole in one's skull to relieve pressure from the brain. I want." - Anthony Bourdain

Tony visits The Billy Goat Tavern, home of the famous "cheezborger,” and a stomping ground for Chicago’s journalists.

The crew shoots outside The Mutiny, an iconic rock/dive bar that plays hard rock and punk music most nights of the week.

Tony and Chicago Tribune contributor, Mark Caro, have dinner at The Publican.

"Enjoying beers at the Ale House with Bruce Cameron Elliott." - Anthony Bourdain

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