The Layover: Hong Kong Pictures

Anthony Bourdain spends 48-hours in the fast-paced city of Hong Kong. He has just enough time to buy a meat cleaver and have a few incredible meals before heading back to the airport.
Episode: Hong Kong

Anthony Bourdain admires the sharpness and precision of the meat cleavers at Chan Chi Kee Cutlery in Kowloon in the hopes of taking one home.

Tony has lunch with friend Simon Yin and other ex-pats at Lamcombe Seafood restaurant on Lamma Island. They dine on "pissing shrimp," jumbo scallops and clams.

The crew films Anthony Bourdain on the streets of Hong Kong as he discusses the agenda for the rest of his layover.

Cartoonist and foodie Craig Au Yeung works on new drawings at his Hong Kong studio.

A view of Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong Harbor and Kowloon from The Peak at sunset.

Anthony Bourdain finishes dinner at Joy Hing, where he confesses his love for roasted meat and goose in particular.

The crew films religious statues and deities at Temple Street Market.

Tony takes an early morning boat ride through Hong Kong Harbor on a historic Duk Ling junk boat.

Anthony Bourdain has a beer and takes in the Hong Kong skyline on the Star Ferry with friend Matt Walsh.

A look inside Joy Hing, where Anthony Bourdain dines on a meal of roasted goose, pork and beef.

Hong Kong Harbor.

Tony wanders through the shopping areas of Hong Kong’s Central District on his way to breakfast.

Anthony Bourdain relaxes during the junk boat cruise around Hong Kong Harbor.

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