The Layover: New Orleans Pictures

Tony boozes his way through New Orleans with a massive frozen drink at New Orleans Original Daiquiris, cocktails at the Roosevelt Hotel and beers at a bar gently lit by Christmas lights.
Episode: New Orleans
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"Donald Link and Steve Stryjewski take me to a classic dive: Snake & Jake's Christmas Bar." – Anthony Bourdain

Tony, Donald and Steve take down beers and shots at Snake & Jakes – a bar lit only by a few Christmas lights -- to kick off a classic New Orleans bar crawl.

Tony and Davis Rogan have classic cocktails at the Sazerac Bar in the Roosevelt Hotel.

Tony reads his “travel guide” at New Orleans Original Daiquiris, where you can get a giant, DUI-inducing smoothie for under $10.

The crew sets up at the Roosevelt Hotel’s Sazerac Bar.

"Meeting my old friend John Besh for Vietnamese at Pho Tau Bay." – Anthony Bourdain

Tony and John Besh venture over the Mississippi River Bridge to the Westbank for Vietnamese food.

Chef John Besh is a Louisiana native, and he currently owns 9 widely-acclaimed restaurants in New Orleans.

Tony, Donald Link and Steve Stryjewski throw back some beers at The Kingpin before heading outside to Taceaux Loceaux – one of the few food trucks in New Orleans.

"Donald Link takes me to the Taceaux Loceaux food truck." – Anthony Bourdain

"Food truck culture is alive and well in New Orleans." - Anthony Bourdain

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