The Layover: Taipei Pictures

During his 48-hour trip to Taipei, Tony searches for the “pork of his dreams,” eats on an abandoned bus and visits the world’s second-tallest building.
Episode: Taipei
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Tony has a classic Taiwanese breakfast at Shi Jie Doujiang.

"Shrimp fishing Taiwanese style." – Anthony Bourdain

Tony looks out over Taipei from the observation floor of Taipei 101 – the second-tallest building in the world.

Tony walks through the National Palace Museum of Taiwan -- home to the largest collection of ancient Chinese artifacts in the world.

"The pork of my dreams." – Anthony Bourdain

Tony and his sidekick Kent eat at Shi Jie Doujiang.

"Fast Fry Bus: Food always tastes better in an abandoned bus." – Anthony Bourdain

Tony dines on the Fast Fry Bus with his new friends, Angela, Felix, Cadence and Anatai. Traditionally, fast-fry restaurants serve food that can be quickly cooked up in a hot wok.

"There is nothing better than dumplings from Ding Tai Feng." – Anthony Bourdain

Tony and Angela have lunch at Jin Chun Fa Beef Noodle Restaurant in Da Tong District.

Tony orders mango shaved ice from a street vendor in Taipei.

A quick photo op: Tony’s bowl of mango shaved ice.

"Pushing Hands: Now this is a sport I could get into." – Anthony Bourdain

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