The Trip 2015: Hosts' Travel Photos

Travel Channel hosts Samantha Brown, Don Wildman and Kinga Philipps had a "wicked" good time in Hawaii while filming The Trip 2015. Go behind the scenes with them for their take on the trip.
Episode: The Trip 2015

Photo By: Samantha Brown

Photo By: Samantha Brown

Photo By: Samantha Brown

Photo By: Samantha Brown

Kinga Films Inside a Swimming Hole

"First interview I have ever done from a swimming hole." – Kinga Philipps

Good Morning, Hawaii!

"After 25 hours of being in transit, I arrived on the Big Island of Hawaii at 9 p.m. There's nothing like waking up to Hawaii." – Samantha Brown

Don's Love Affair With Flying, Realized

"I love old planes like I love old cars — only most cars don’t fly." – Don Wildman


"Surfing at sunset." – Kinga Philipps

Sam's Selfie

"I thought this selfie was pretty darn artistic. Extra points for being able to take it with a real camera."– Samantha Brown

Remember Pearl Harbor

"Past and present are found in Pearl Harbor, a busy naval base and a cherished memorial. This view is from atop the still-active Control Tower, a structure that bore witness to the 1941 attack." – Don Wildman

A Sign of Good Luck

"Hawaiians believe rainbows are a sign of good luck, so Shaun Harada, my spearfishing guide, and I were very excited to see it before we went out on the water." – Kinga Philipps

Sam Prepares for Filming

"Setting up for my opening shot. We needed a place that was undeniably Hawaii. Black lava rocks? Check. Crashing surf? Check. Palm trees? Not in this shot, but believe me, they’re there. What you don’t see is the airplane neck pillow I’m sitting on that made sitting on a jagged rock for half an hour manageable." – Samantha Brown

Don and His Pina Colada

"My second pina colada at this sitting. Moments before, I’d mentioned our television purposes to the bartender, which secured for me an exciting, free umbrella." – Don Wildman

Ono Hawaiian Foods

"Local grindz at Ono Hawaiian Foods." – Kinga Philipps

Sam Visits Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

"We got up at 2 a.m. so we could drive to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and see this crater glow like a hot furnace in the night. It was unbelievable. But the light changes fast, and by the time we had a chance to take our own pictures, it was daylight. Pretty awesome to think that smoking pit behind me is just a cauldron of lava ready to go at any time." – Samantha Brown

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