Toy Hunter: Battle for Seattle Pictures

Jordan travels to California and Florida to find big-ticket items to sell at the Seattle Comic Con, but his plans are threatened by surprise competition.
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"Hauling in the largest selection of GI Joe toys I have ever seen in my life." - Jordan Hembrough

"Kenner's Hardy Boys doll. This doll is Frank Hardy, played by Parker Stevenson on the hit TV Show." - Jordan

"Just chillin on the corner in sunny CA. I love L.A.!" - Jordan

"Mego's Greatest American Hero VW Bug with figures. The toy is almost impossible to find in the box."

"A boatload of plastic tubs awaits... I just hope I have enough time to get through them all."

"Victor and I joke around while the cameras set up for another shot. Victor has some incredible stories about his trips from around the world."

"Jurassic Park is quickly becomming one of the most sought after collectibles on the market today."

"It's not ALL TOY HUNTING, sometimes you need to throw in a little "paperwork" now and then. LOL"

"Catching some downtime in beautiful La Jolla, CA."

"Hoping to catch a break on some high end collectibles I need for my OWN COLLECTION."

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