Toy Hunter: Buying 4 Bonaduce Pictures

Jordan heads to Seattle in hopes of collecting rare Partridge Family toys to impress Danny Bonaduce.
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"Stocking up on some last minute items for a show." - Jordan

"Meeting the other "THAT GUY" at Emerald City ... Danny Bonnaduce." - Jordan

"Posing with Danny and "Sally" from Nightmare Before Christmas." - Jordan

"Trying to work my charm, on a potential buyer for the Thundercats."

"A vintage Star Wars record tote... which could hold up to 30 records!"

"Checking out some cool retro Star Wars goodness ... under glass."

"The vintage Laurie Partridge doll remains one of the most collected in the community today. The likeness to a young Susan Dey is uncanny."

"Steve has fun with a plush Yoda."

"It's not Partride Family -- but it is MARVEL. So this Daredevil mask is for me!"

"Goofing around with the crew in between takes on set."

"A vintage Susan Dey paper doll set."

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