Toy Hunter: Chi Toy Town Pictures

Jordan heads to the "nerd-seum" in the Windy City to hunt for toys with a diverse group of collectors.
Episode: Chi Toy Town
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"Checking out a very cool "Ernest" doll, while Mark looks at a classic "Mork from Ork" figure." - Jordan

"Digging through toys -- including a rare Ideal Evel Knevel Chopper." - Jordan

"Yeah ... Voltron is pretty cool, but I need something better!" - Jordan

"The real Ghostbuster Proton Pack by Kenner remains one of my favorite toys of the vintage line!"

"Holy bat probe ... I may have just found the holy grail I have been looking for!"

"Cowabunga, dude!  The Classic TMNT Pizza Thrower!"

"Digging through some rare Japanese models."

"Mark and I do our best Ali and Frazier impressions, while Rick stands near by trying to control his laughter."

"Toy time! Playing on the floor with an Ideal Evel Knevil Chopper."

"Indiana Jones from the rare LJN set of toys -- Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom."

"Taking time out for my very own "PEZ Puppet Show" with Fred and Barney."

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