Toy Hunter: Finding Big Foot Pictures

Jordan hunts through Florida to finally get his hands on the 6 Million Dollar Man's elusive arch enemy, Big Foot.
Episode: Finding Big Foot
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"Digging through Peter's "toy graveyard" looking for a score!" - Jordan

"The Star Trek Phaser Game was just like the one I had when I was a kid... a true favorite of mine!" - Jordan

"Going through a huge lot of toys with Nader and his kids; the "future toy hunters!" - Jordan

"A vintage Evel Knievel Watch by Bradley Time."

"Me and the boys haggle over a vintage Remco Captain America Utility Belt."

"Sinking my teeth into some food fighters! (pardon the horrible joke)."

"Phoning Home with E.T. was a blast! I had this game as a kid."

"Getting down and dirty on the floor, digging through boxes."

"Steve checks out a fire truck at Peters... but is it complete?"

"A very cool vintage Batman Shaker Maker. This is the way they did it "old school!"

"Checking out a very strange and unknown prototype with Steve."

"With my Big Foot quest complete, I go home a very happy camper!"

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