Toy Hunter: Jersey Shore Pictures

Jordan heads to the Jersey Shore to explore an outdoor shed filled with old collectible toys. Later, he sweeps an attic, leaving no corner unturned, and stumbles upon a hefty Star Wars collection.
Episode: Jersey Shore
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"This is what I call my “hero shot”… it truly catches me at my best. I’m holding a vintage Starwberry Shortcake doll, just trying to contain my excitement. I found this one in an attic after some digging around old boxes."

"Between takes on the set… I check out a vintage space command toy from the 1960’s. They just don’t make’em like this anymore."

"I try to must up my best Cher impression for Andrew. I still cant tell if he was laughing along with me… or AT ME. LOL."

"Getting ready to inspect a large toy Sherman Tank. Much of my hunting is crawling around on floors… so I felt right at home in Curt’s basement."

"I inspect some rare toys hidden in a bookshelf. In the background, Curt watches on… confident in knowing that no matter what price I offer, he just isnt’ selling!"

"Digging through one of what seems like ENDLESS tubs and bins in Curts basement. My oversize watch lets me know just how long I have been down here… hunting for toy gold."

"Brian and I share a laugh during filming."

"Andrew and I negotiate the possible sale of a rare Aston Martin promotional car. Despite it being close to 100 degrees that day, our cameramen kept filming without missing a beat!"

"I think this picture says it all; you just NEVER KNOW what you will find. Here, I inspect a pair of false teeth hiding in a drawer in Curt’s basement."

"SSHHH… quiet. Genius at Work. I didn’t even know that sign was there until after we stopped filming. Our DP, Jacob, captured the moment perfectly."

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