Toy Hunter: KISS n' Tell Pictures

Jordan heads to LA and receives a special surprise call from rock legend, Gene Simmons of KISS! Gene accompanies Jordan on a hunt to pick up as much rare KISS memorabilia as he can.
Episode: KISS n’ Tell
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“Checking out a classic vintage Star Wars TIE Fighter from Kenner. I had this toy when I was a kid.” - Jordan

“Steve negotiates a deal with a Doug at a local flea market.” - Jordan

“The Iconic "Michael Jackson" Belt... the crew laughed when I purchased it... not so much when I sold it soon after. LOL!” - Jordan

“Steve and I shop in the Underwear section at Macy's. Just Kidding! We check out a potential find for Gene Simmons.”

“The Planet of the Apes Action Stallion from Mego still ranks as one of the coolest toys I have come across for Season 2.”

“Hunting with Vicky; the ultimate Rock n' Roll Mom from Long Island.”

“Mamma Mia! One of the most unusual toys I have come across; a vintage Vespa Peddle Car.”

“Now that’s a HUGE COMIC. I hate to see the coffee table it sits on!”

“The Gomer Pyle TV Show was actually a spin off of the classic "Andy Grifftith Show." The lunchbox is highly prized on the market today.”

“I try my best to convince Vicky to show me what she's been hiding from me.”

“Gene shows off a rare gift presented to him by a King, as thanks for visiting his country. Personally, I was just trying not to drop it... it was heavy!”

“The ultimate find for Gene Simmons! The vintage Radio Controlled KISS Van.”

“A job well done! Gene congratulates me and sends me on yet another hunt for him. Stay tuned!”

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