Toy Hunter: Million Dollar Magazine Pictures

Jordan searches around San Francisco, hoping to turn up a few vintage, pop culture finds. His search uncovers some of the best nostalgic games of all time: the Simon handheld game and a slinky.
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“I discuss the fine art of "lunchbox negotiation" with Rusty at her home in San Francisco.”

“JACKPOT! Thermos always adds value. You can imagine my surprise when I found this one coupled with a rare Brady Bunch lunchbox.”

“Even though I really want this remote-controlled Spiderman car, it has issues. I point out the ripped box and worn edges to Brady.”

“Yup, that's the face I make when I'm nervous during a deal. (Looks like my career as a professional poker player is over).”

“Here I describe how poor Alice gets no love from this lunchbox. Her image is totally covered by the hand of the person holding it.”

“Rusty was really excited about the Mouse Trap game, and even went into great detail about her strategy in winning -- even after the cameras stopped filming!”

“This is obviously my "surprised look" that I have been known for, as I try to contain my excitement over the stack of vintage lunchboxes resting just out of camera range.”

“Rusty and I haggle over the price of a vintage Brady Bunch lunchbox. If you look closely, you will also notice the Partridge Family and the Hardy Boys also tucked in the pile.”

“I get challenged to see who can stick their tongue out further -- me or Godzilla. (Hint: I won).”

“Leaving Rusty's with my latest haul of vintage goodies, including KerPlunk and Lite-Brite.”

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