Toy Hunter: Playing With Fire Pictures

Jordan is on the hunt for opened, yet extremely expensive toys for Dave Hill, a popular comedian, who is ready to spend thousands.
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"Checking out a very cool Mask toy at the Denver Comic Con." - Jordan

"A very cool vintage Conan action figure from Mego." - Jordan

"A very cool vintage game of Interceptor, which highlighted awesome missions. This was like Battleship for the air!" - Jordan

"I haggle for a very cool Six Million Dollar Man toy from my youth!"

"Space Checkers! Just like the ones used in Star Trek by Mr. Spock."

"I show Dave Hill the cool talking points of Mr. Gameshow!"

"A very cool vintage Kenner toy from days gone by!"

"Steve and I hunt through a box of vintage toys ... but are they what we expected?"

"Going through a pile of vintage goodness at Mile High Comics in Denver."

"Steve and I search through the charred remains of a once incredible collection. Heartbreaking."

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