Toy Hunter: Season 2 Sneak Peek Pictures

Jordan is back with an all-new season of Toy Hunter, premiering Wednesday, April 10 at 9|8c. Get a sneak peek at some of the great collectables Jordan gets his hands on this season!
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"Taking time to check out a rare Don Post mask for ‘The Salt Vampire’ from the original Star Trek series. These masks are incredibly rare these days, especially with their original hair and paint." - Jordan

"Uber-collector Jim and I take a moment for an impromptu jam session." - Jordan

"One of my Star Wars holy grails turns up in season 2! The rare Darth Vader Collector Case, with action figure insert." - Jordan

"Getting hungry hunting through hundreds of vintage lunchboxes! Now this is a collection I can sink my teeth into!"

"Vintage Star Wars goodness sits high atop a shelf, awaiting my eager hands!"

"Sealing the sale of a rare Flinstones toy with a handshake and smile."

"Steve and I check out a rare Six Million Dollar Man toy, while Mister Spock looks on approvingly."

"Checking out a hidden toy found in a crawlspace with Rick, a former football player and current toy collector!"

"Get ready, get set ... RACE! I get "down and dirty" with the one and only Evel Knevel!"

"Haggling with one of my favorite TV icons: Felix Silva ... Twiki from Buck Rogers and Cousin IT from The Addams Family."

"Teaching the trade to Julia on the road. Her first road trip and very first chance to prove herself in the field!"

"WOW ... look at the size of that comic book. I hate to see the coffee table it sits on. LOL!"

"Steve talks toys at a local comic show."

"Still Playing With Toys" and Star Wars! I never resist a chance to check out Kenner's vintage Star Wars line."

"Trying to make a deal with Vicky, an original rocker mom and KISS collector!"

"Trying to catch my breath, in what may be one of the most comprehensive toy collections I have ever seen!"

"One of the largest toy collections I’ve seen in my career. I'm going to need a bigger truck … and some help!"

"The Defiant still ranks as one of the biggest toys ever produced on the open market ... and now you can see why."

"Victor and I check out some incredible dinos from Jurassic Park."

"After the haggling is done, it's time to sit down and do the paperwork! Here, I add up and take inventory of the day's haul."

"The elusive and rare Magnum PI car and figure set ... Can you see me drooling?"

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