Toy Hunter: Southern Space Chase Pictures

Jordan travels to galaxies far, far away (ok, not that far -- Florida), in hopes of stocking up on Star Wars figurines and replenishing his Star Trek action figure inventory.
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"Checking out some diecast cars while Steve talks to a potential customer."

"I try and contain my excitement over what may be ... a huge find."

"Diggin' deep with Bill in Eddyville. It was over 100 degrees that day in the shed."

"Steve uncovers a rare Corgi set of Circus cars and trucks. I had been looking for this exact set for a customer."

"Having furn with Shirley, before the "serious negotiations" begin."

"Little do people know, I have special "Toy Hunting" glass that enable me to look through boxes."

"Hanging with Bill in Eddyville... hunting through his boxes."

"Steve and I dig late into the night... among hundreds of antique toys."

"Another box, another potential treasure is just around the corner."

"I get my hands... and head deep into a box in Bill's shed. I discovered a great colleciton of vintage Star Wars Diecast vehicles at the bottom!"

"I dig past boxes of Sesame Street and Star Trek toys... to get to what I REALLY want in the back!"

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