Toy Hunter: Texas Toy Step Pictures

Jordan does it big in the state of Texas, meeting the family behind an Austin toy store that specializes in Star Wars and superhero-themed toys, and making a few friends along the way.
Episode: Texas Toy Step
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"I pose with toy shop owner Eric Dow while our DP (director of photography) captures some close-ups of the toys I find. This process can sometimes slow down the filming process, but it is crucial to the overall show."

"Here, I take time to get to know Eric and his lovely family from Wonk's Toys and Games in Austin, TX."

"I uncover some very cool Six Million Dollar Man toys, buried in a box of comics."

The exterior of Wonko's Toys and Games in Austin, TX.

"Here we are filming in full swing at Wonko's. It's very rare that people get to see all the action happening 'behind the scenes' during the show."

"Shooting the breeze and 'talking toys' with Eric Dow from Wonko's. I still can't tell if he was laughing at my jokes … or at my shirt."

"Rebecca Chulew shows me some very cool toys hidden away in her closet. Rebecca was one of most colorful and sweetest people we have met on the road and has become a good friend of mine."

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