Toy Hunter: Toy Lovers Pictures

Jordan and his sidekick Steve head to Virginia on a quest for vintage toys and end up making a bet to see who can find the most valuable toy.
Episode: Toy Lovers
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"Steve and I check an iconic vintage MARX Shooting Gallery in box!" -Jordan

"The one and only -- Fonzie Pinball Machine. A true classic." - Jordan

"I check out some vintage View-Master Reels." - Jordan

"A very rare, vintage Foghorn Leghorn Bobblehead."

"Playing around with a vintage Dino the Dinosaur from Louis Marx Corp."

"A mechanical Fred sits atop his trusty steed."

"Digging through the toy museum with Steve."

"The rare, desirable and beautiful Blythe by Kenner. Made in 1972, this remains one of the most sought after dolls on the market today."

"Steve checks out a rare Six Million Dollar Man Mission Control Center."

"The Six Million Dollar Mission Control Center boxed, can reach upwards of $150."

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