Trip Flip: Edinburgh Pictures

Bert Kreischer gives 2 tourists the chance to throw out their plans and let him take the lead on a free 3-day trip to Edinburgh.
Episode: Edinburgh

Louise Marshall gives Bert, Sean and Kiersten a quick lesson in bagpiping.

Kiersten takes part in the Highland Games shot put event.

Sean and Kiersten gear up to go tubing.

The colorful bottoms and classical tops of several Edinburgh shops.

While at the Dalhousie Castle, the vacationers take part in various falconry activities.

A beautiful view of a gothic spire and castle in Edinburgh.

Bert and the couple enjoying a drink from the Strathisla Distillery at the local pub.

Sean and Kiersten take part in shearing sheep.

A dramatic view as fog rolls over Edinburgh.

After competing in the Highland Games, the vacationers and some of their mentors enjoy a drink at the local pub.

Bert attempts to give Sean and Kiersten a hug on the streets of Edinburgh before their vacation comes to an end.

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