Trip Flip: Florence Pictures

Bert Kreischer gives 2 tourists the chance to throw out their plans and let him take the lead on a free 3-day trip to Florence, Italy.
Episode: Florence

Jacy and Aisha try to mold their own version of Bert in a sculpting class taught by Raffaello Romanelli.

Bert and the girls fill up their water bottles at Terme di Montecatini before going out for a bike ride through the city.

Bert and the girls take a quick water break after biking through Florence.

Jacy and Aisha learn the art of sbandieratori, also known as flag throwing.

Aisha and Jacy take part in a rowing race down the Arno River at the Ponte Vecchio Bridge.

Bert and the girls enjoy some crossbow training in the hills of Tuscany with Mr. Giuseppe Basile.

Aisha and Jacy test out their flagging skills.

Aisha and Jacy model in some of the most expensive Italian furs.

The vacationers grab their dogs and head out hunting for truffles.

After locating a few truffles, Bert and the girls get an up-close look at what they found.

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