Trip Flip: Great Barrier Reef Pictures

Two Queensland travelers get the chance of a lifetime as they throw out their plans, and let Bert take the lead on a 3-day dream vacation. Their trip includes rugby, horseback riding and much more.

Photo By: Ken Butti

Photo By: Ken Butti

Photo By: Ken Butti

Photo By: Ken Butti

Photo By: Ken Butti

Photo By: Ken Butti

Photo By: Ken Butti

Photo By: Ken Butti

Photo By: Ken Butti

Photo By: Ken Butti

Queensland vacationers Katie and Ryan say "Yes!" to travel expert Bert Kreischer, and are now in for the adventure of a lifetime as they prepare to have their vacation flipped upside down.

Bert and the vacationers meet their horses before going horseback riding on the beach in Queensland, Australia.

After mounting their steeds, Bert and the vacationers get ready to ride a trail in Queensland.

Could there be a more picturesque backdrop for horseback riding?

Bert reveals his next big surprise to Katie and Ryan as the cameras roll.

Bert and vacationers Katie and Ryan learn the rules to fooket, a combination of football (rugby) and cricket -- 2 of Australia's most popular sports.

Dressed in the proper attire, Katie is ready to take the fooket field.

Bert and the vacationers have some fun during warm-ups with their fooket instructor.

Bert holds the training pad while Ryan jumps over his back for the ball.

Ryan and Katie enjoy the Sea Temple spa in Queensland.

Bert poses with Katie and Ryan on a boat before informing them that he has something very special planned for them.

Bert, Katie and Tom get ready for their underwater adventure as the cameras roll.

A member of the Trip Flip camera crew suits up to follow Katie and Ryan to the reef.

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