Trip Flip: Jamaica Pictures

Bert takes 2 lucky vacationers on an all-expenses-paid adventure of a lifetime in Jamaica. While there, Jake and Sara plunge into the Irie Blue Hole, record a song in Bob Marley’s studio and more.
Episode: Jamaica

Bert takes a moment to describe how awesome Sara and Jake's Jamaican Trip Flip will be.

The colors of Jamaica's flag represent the strength and creativity of its people, the sun that always shines and the greenery of the island.

Jamaica vacationer Sara takes the plunge into the Irie Blue Hole.

Sara enjoys a relaxing afternoon in the Irie Blue Hole.

Jamaican rum cake is an extremely popular treat produced in the region.

Bert takes up the rear as Sara and Jake follow their guide on their horses through the water.

Bert takes Sara and Jake to the Windsor Mineral Spring, where you can light the water on fire due to its sulfur content.

Caymanas Track jockeys warm up their horses.

Bert entertains Sara and Jake at an island bar.

Jamaica's Caribbean cuisine is known for its sweet and spicy flavors.

Sara takes a swing at the ball while playing cricket at Sabina Park in Jamaica.

Sara and Jake take a tour down the river on a bamboo raft.

Jake gets ready to hit the water on a boogie board.

Bert pours champagne to toast to a great Jamaica vacation.

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