Trip Flip: Jumping Firs, Waves and Dunes Pictures

Scott and Lindsey Bugna’s adventure starts in the woods north of San Francisco and includes bungee jumping, riding dune buggies on Pismo Beach and much more.

Photo By: @Shmuel Thaler

Host Bert Kreischer and Trip Flip adventurers Scott and Lindsey Bugna look high up in the sky near San Francisco to view their first adventure, bungee jumping off a tree.

Lindsey bungee jumps from a 200-foot tree outside of San Francisco.

Bert and his travelers race their buggies along the sand dunes near Pismo Beach in California.

Bert and his travelers take a quick break to pose for the camera while racing their dune buggies near Pismo Beach.

Lindsey and Scott get ready to surf Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz, CA.

Lindsey and Scott laugh as Bert relives his stunt driving experience in Los Angeles.

Scott, Lindsey and Bert are shocked by the various tastes they encounter while dining at Yee's Restaurant in San Francisco.

Lindsey and Bert get in touch with their inner cowboy before heading out for a cattle drive near Santa Barbara, CA.

Bert, Lindsey and Scott throw their hands in the air as they ride the famous Giant Dipper rollercoaster at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

Scott and Lindsey stop along Pacific Coast Highway to pose for the camera in front of one of California's many vineyards.

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