Trip Flip: Las Vegas Pictures

Bert Kreischer surprises Aaron and Briana with an all-expenses paid trip to Las Vegas, and this is definitely no ordinary vacation!
Episode: Las Vegas

While receiving bartending lessons at King Ink, a Las Vegas tattoo studio and barroom, Aaron impresses a visibly stunned Brianna by blowing a fireball.

Briana learns how to pour multiple shots at a time at King Ink.

Aaron, Briana and one of the bartenders at King Ink pose behind the bar.

Bert and the vacationers set up their target before preparing to shoot machine guns.

While playing bulldozer basketball at Dig This, the world's first and only heavy machinery playground, Briana extends the backhoe arm.

Aaron gets a lesson in operating heavy machinery before playing bulldozer basketball.

Aaron and Briana suit up before meeting the Jabbawockeez, winners of MTV's first season of America's Best Dance Crew.

The Jabbawockeez perform at the Monte Carlo hotel on the Las Vegas Strip.

Briana, Aaron and Bert hang out on the stage where Celine Dion is set to perform just hours away.

Bert, Briana and Aaron pose with Celine Dion before she goes on stage.

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