Trip Flip: New Orleans Pictures

Bert heads to Cajun country to turn one lucky couple’s ordinary vacation into something extraordinary. From riding airboats to holding baby gators, this "flip'd" trip is definitely one to remember.
Episode: New Orleans

The vacationers, Casey Parker and Steve Olzinski, hold a baby alligator.

A view of Cafe Du Monde, a French Quarter coffee stand known for its delicious beignets – square pieces of dough that are fried and covered with powdered sugar.

Bert and the "flip'd" couple eat king cake on Bourbon Street in New Orleans.

The outside of the Olivier House Hotel on Toulouse Street.

The pool at the Oliver House Hotel.

Bert, Steve and Casey are lucky enough to ride in a float during the Mardi Gras parade.

Have your fortune told with tea leaves in New Orleans.

Steve and Casey pose with a crew from Habitat for Humanity after doing their part to help rebuild houses for the less fortunate.

Our couple gets at the opportunity to make some real Cajun cuisine.

A local jazz group prepares for their show.

The vacationers get a lesson in drinking while at the cocktail museum in the French Quarter.

Steve rides to the cemetery in the back of a hearse.

Bert tells the couple what to expect before entering the cemetery.

Bert does a short stand-up comedy set at the local jazz club.

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