Trip Flip: Oahu Pictures

Bert is off to the sunny shores of Oahu where he is set to turn one lucky couple’s vacation into the trip of a lifetime.
Episode: Oahu

Bert prepares to crash a couple’s vacation while on the beach in Oahu, HI.

The vacationers inspect fish with a chef before their dinner.

A view of the valley in Oahu.

Bert and members of the Outrigger Canoe Club paddle to shore.

Bert and the vacationers get up the courage to venture into the shark-infested water.

Bert and the vacationers prepare for a game of polo on the sunny island of Oahu.

A view of the crystal-blue waters and sandy shores of Oahu.

Kids bury Bert in the sand in between shooting scenes.

Bert and one of the vacationers arrive back on shore after a long boat ride.

The Wiki Wiki Java coffee truck.

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