Trip Flip: Rome Pictures

Bert Kreischer gives 2 Rome tourists the chance of a lifetime, as he throws out their plans -- and takes the lead on a free 3-day dream vacation.
Episode: Rome

One of the vacationers is brave enough to hold a sword up to the face of a gladiator.

Bert and the vacationers take a Vespa tour around Rome.

Chris and Matt learn how to make authentic Italian pizza.

Bert goes into battle with the vacationers at gladiator school.

The vacationers partake in some light harness racing.

After learning how to make it, Matt and Chris enjoy some authentic Italian gelato.

Bert and the vacationers do their best impersonation of the Beatles on the Abbey Road album cover.

Chris and Matt practice sword moves with their gladiator instructors.

Matt and Chris are tailored in fine Italian suits by shop owner Franco Tomei.

A night shot of the Trevi Fountain, the largest Baroque fountain in Rome.

A behind-the-scenes shot of Bert before he crashes Chris and Matt's vacation -- and flips it into the trip of a lifetime.

Bert and the vacationers search for some souvenirs at a local flea market on the side of the road.

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