Trip Flip: San Diego Pictures

Bert Kreischer gives 2 moms from North Carolina the chance of a lifetime as he takes them away on a free 3-day dream vacation to San Diego.
Episode: San Diego

Bert takes a picture of Sarah and Elizabeth enjoying their first-ever private jet ride.

Sarah and Elizabeth get ready to ride in a lowrider.

Sarah and Elizabeth try surfing on artificial waves at the Wave House.

Bert and the vacationers stroll down the boardwalk in San Diego.

Sarah and Elizabeth pose with the pilot of their private jet.

The girls enjoy a round of women's roller derby from the bleachers.

A view from the jet as Bert, Sarah and Elizabeth fly from San Diego to San Francisco for the Train concert.

After testing their skills on the artificial waves, Bert and the vacationers enjoy a few minutes in the hot tub.

Bert and the pilot pose with a wad of cash in front of the private jet.

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