Trip Flip: Seattle Pictures

Two Seattle tourists get the chance of a lifetime as they throw out their travel plans and let Bert take the lead on a 3-day dream vacation. Their trip includes skydiving, rafting and much more.
Episode: Seattle

Trip Flip host Bert Kreischer heads to Seattle to give 2 unsuspecting vacationers the trip of a lifetime.

Seattle vacationers Will and Kristi enjoy a toast after their tour of Seattle’s premier craft brewer, Elysian Brewing Company.

Bert learns proper skydiving technique inside iFLY Seattle, the world’s first -- and fastest -- all-glass vertical wind tunnel.

Will goes indoor skydiving at iFLY Seattle.

Bert, Kristi and Will suit up for some urban kayaking in Yakima Valley.

Kristi learns to hula hoop at Gas Works Park Marina in Seattle.

Some of the most delicious seafood that Seattle has to offer is displayed on ice at the Pike Place Fish Market, a historic open-air market located in the heart of Seattle.

Kristi prepares to toss a fish at the Pike Place Fish Market.

All for one and one for all! Bert and the Seattle vacationers prepare for the ride of a lifetime.

Bert, Will and Kristi conquer white-water rafting through the Tieton River in Yakima Valley.

Foraging instructor and author Langdon Cook observes clams while Kristi and Will look on.

Bert, Langdon, Kristi and Will go clam foraging along the banks of the Puget Sound.

After a bit of foraging, the vacationers enjoy a freshly cooked clam bowl.

Bert, Langdon, Will and Kristi start their dinner with cheers.

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