Trip Flip: Surfing, Sailing and Samba Pictures

Bert meets one lucky couple in Boulder, CO, and takes them to the world's most outrageous party -- Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

Host Bert Kreischer, Kristin Wittenberg and Adnan Younis smile for the camera at the end of Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro.

A panoramic view of Praia dos Pepinos, located in Sao Conrado.

Kristin puts sunscreen on Adnan before they go surfing at Praia dos Pepinos.

Bert, Adnan and Kristin grab their surfboards and head for the waves in Sao Conrado.

Bert high fives Adnan after he finishes his first surfing run.

Bert and his travelers hop on the back of motorcycles with some locals for a ride into the favela, or slum, of Rio.

Bert tries some authentic Brazilian cuisine while visiting a favela.

Bert has fun while trying on colorful masks in the Samba City compound of Rio de Janeiro.

While shopping in the Samba City compound of Rio, Kristin tries on various Carnival costumes.

Bert couldn’t be happier after picking out his costume for Carnival.

A scenic shot of Rio.

Welcome to Rio Sambadrome, a purpose-built parade area where samba schools parade competitively.

A samba dancer shows off her beautiful costume for Carnival inside Rio Sambadrome.

Bert and his travelers participate in Sambadrome during Carnival.

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